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Epperson Tree Service has been a quality provider of all tree removal services since 2009.

Our Equipment

Bucket Trucks
Bucket trucks are a giant step forward in safety and productivity over having to put a climber in every tree. We have a small fleet for bucket trucks with a working height up to 75 feet! We can reach clear to the top of a tree and bring it down safely every time.

Stump Grinder
A small stump grinder can take hours to grind even a small stump, our machine has a 74 horse power turbo diesel engine behind it and can grind even large stumps in a matter of minutes. This “HI-TECH” tool is remote controlled, mounted on turf friendly tracks and can retract to squeeze though tight backyard gates. We say “Any Stump Anywhere”!

Grapple Trucks
When it comes to removing debris from the job site we have tried many options. We have used wood chippers dump trucks and loaders, but nothing comes close to the sheer speed of a grapple truck. They hold a tremendous amount of debris. Often an entire large tree can be fit into a single truckload and that truck can load itself in under 30 min. We can also reach into the yard or right over a fence giving us the versatility to do any job.

Mini Skids
These efficient little tools are the work horses behind our tree removal operations. They quickly dart around our job sites moving wood and dragging brush to our grapple trucks for loading. They keep our worker fresh and happy. They are light weight and easy on the lawns.

Articulated Loader
A great turf friendly tool for larger projects. With the ability to lift over 3 tons at a time, we can get large trees loaded and gone in no time!

Crane - coming soon!
We have owned and operated different cranes over the past decade.
Crane assisted tree removal is the fastest and safest way to cut down a tree when there are obstacles such as a home involved. But coming April 2020 we will be unavailing our latest and greatest. It will far and away exceed the versatility and productivity of any of the previous models we have had. It’s custom built to our specifications to meet the exact needs of our local market. Stay tuned for the exciting details and you will see why our slogan is Hi-Tech Tree Removal!

The History of Epperson Tree Service

In mid January 2009 our founder Andrew, at the age of 20, found himself working nights as a janitor when opportunity struck! A large ice storm hit southern Indiana and Illinois. Since he had a short background in tree work with his grandfathers small company in rural Southern Indiana, he decided to take a couple of weeks off work – and Epperson Tree Service was born! He never returned to his night job, but instead focused all his time, energy and other resources on growing his then tiny company.

Since then, we have quickly grown from that 1 man – 1 pickup truck operation to become the leading provider of tree related services in our area! We are now prepared with a large and ever expanding fleet of trucks and equipment. Additionally, we have continued to improve our processes and professionalism.

We have now grown well past the wildest dreams of our then 20 year old founder.
Though we have put a lot into the growth of our company, we would not be where we are today without the encouragement, support and suggestions of our friends and valued customers. We wish to thank them for all they have done, because they are as big a part of our story as anything else.
As we continue to grow and improve, we look forward to serving our community and appreciate your continued patronage!



Empowering our people to become truly successful in their lives and careers. This and only this will result in the best possible tree care for our clients as well as ensuring a positive impact on our community!

Core Values

We closely consider these values when making every big decision.


We must all cultivate humility and at the same time grow in our personal confidence. We extol the accomplishments of others while modestly acknowledging our own. 


We reject arrogance yet take pride in the quality of our work and in our company.

Team Work

We work as a team and we make sacrifices for the good of the team. Doing so will help us achieve more than we ever could on our own. As a result we will win and we will all share in that win.


We accept responsibility for the hard work it will take to reach our goals. We step up and embrace the challenge of hard work in the field and in the classroom.  We push ourselves and our teammates towards success.


We hold ourselves and of our team to the highest standards. We do what it takes to get the job done right and achieve excellence. We cut no corners, our goal is success in all aspects of life.

Honor & Respect

We strive to always show honor and respect to all. We do our utmost to help others when they are down, to treat them well, and never rob them of their dignity.


True success can never be achieved without a spirit of generosity. Generosity brings happiness and gives life purpose. We give of ourselves to help our team, our families and those of need. It always proves true that the more you do for others the more others will do for you. If you have nothing else to give, give the gift of kindness.


Every obstacle and problem is nothing more than an opportunity to create a solution. We continually strive for innovation and improvement creating systems, processes, and products that will lead us to excellence. Creative thinking empowers us all to achieve great success.  This creativity will always be rewarded in direct proportion to the benefit it brings to others.












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