Commercial Tree Services

Do you have a large commercial project? No problem! Epperson Tree Service can do it!

Line Clearance

  • We have assisted many companies in keeping their powerline right of ways open and free of tree interference. Reliability is the number one goal.

  • We have experienced certified line clearance arborist on staff and can quickly put together crews to tackle any size project.

  • Whether you have miles a private line or you are a public utility provider we have what it takes to keep you up and going.

Pipeline Services

  • Whether it’s mowing and trimming to maintain an existing pipeline right-of-way or clearing the way for a new one we have the equipment, skills and experience to get the job done on time.

  • Talk to us today to see how we can assemble our team of experienced professionals using the best equipment to handle whatever project lay ahead of you and you and your team.

Rail Services

  • We have had the privilege to assist railroads and railroad service companies with their tree removal needs. Call us today to discuss the unique challenges that you face on the rail. We can discuss creative and innovative solutions to these problems.

Storm and Disaster Preparation and Response

  • Our company was founded on the response to a large ice storm. Storms and other disasters can leave entire communities and cities crippled in the week. In times of disaster like this government entities utilities in large companies often need someone who can respond to the problem and quickly and efficiently get everything back to normal.

Municipal Tree Management

  • We have worked with many local towns, cities, counties, and other governmental departments to handle their tree related needs and problems.

  • We are able to assist such entities with tree risk assessment. Making a good decision as to whether to remove or try to preserve a problem tree can have a big impact on budgets as well as on the community.

  • We provide tree trimming and removal services that meet your unique needs as a Manager of the urban Forest. Well this is dealing with dad and hazardous trees over busy urban streets or pruning back overgrowth for clearance for that traffic.

  • We have the specialized tools and equipment to get this done safely and efficiently conserving not only time but your budget.

  • We also provide 24 hour emergency services in the event disaster strikes. We know that with so much to manage after large events urban force managers can be overwhelmed with the amount of work needed to keep everything functioning. These situations also result in some very dangerous and risky situations both to your public works department and to the general public.

  • We are on call and ready to go to eliminate these hazardous situations before they can harm anyone.

  • We offer retainer services to municipalities so that they can be guaranteed the equipment and manpower to deal with such an emergency situation. Contact our commercial devision today to see how we can help you have a stronger emergency plan.

Commercial Land Clearing

  • We have considerable experience with commercial land clearing. We have done many projects removing trees for governmental institutes, clearing airport flight paths, clearing building sites, making areas for new parking lots, opening up new ground for agricultural use, And making way for oil and gas industry projects.

  • So whether you have a small city lot or 100 acres we have what it takes to get it ready for you to develop. We can remove the trees salvage the timber and remove the stumps leaving you a clear area for your project.

  • We provide this service with a very minimal impact on the environment and our methods encourage soil preservation by minimizing disruption and preventing further erosion.

  • Dedicated to safety

  • Available to assist 24/7/365

  • ISNetworld verified

Commercial Service Area

Epperson Tree Service is proud to provide commercial tree services to 15 states that include: Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

If you have a large commercial project, contact Epperson Tree Service today!

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Contact Brent Luttrel, Epperson Tree Service's Commercial Accounts Manager at 812-241-9223 today to talk about your commercial tree project.

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“They were very professional and did a great job. The men were extremely polite and very efficient with their various jobs. I would recommend them to anyone needing work done.”


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