Epperson Tree Service has been a quality provider of stump grinding services since 2009.

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Benefits of Professional Stump Grinding

Improve Aesthetics

Tree stumps can be an eye sore. Keep your property in it's best shape by having these stumps removed.

Protect Against Pests

Insects or pests can easily find their way into a stump and quickly become an issue for the property.

Stop Stump Sprouting

Stumps that are left after a tree removal can quickly regrow and sprout. Having the stump removed keeps the tree from regrowing.

Stump Grinding Services

We have many clients that request stump removal services and we have what it takes to make them happy. We have track mounted, remote control, diesel powered stump grinding equipment designed to work thoroughly and efficiently. This results in light work for the operator, low prices, and happy customers!

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Customer Testimonials

“Great crew!! These guys worked their tails all day long taking down the huge tree and grinding the stump. Was impressed on how nicely it was all cleaned up. All done in a day. I would highly recommend them.”


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