Client Contract

It is agreed between Epperson Tree Service Inc. (“ETS”) and the authorizing party (“Client”) that:

1.  ETS will do the work described on the quote.

2. Client agrees to pay to ETS the total price shown on the quote.

3. The following terms and conditions are made as part of this contract. These terms may be superseded by specific annotations on your quote.


1. Property Use: Client consents to having vehicles and equipment driven on the lawn, having trees, branches and logs dropped on lawn, with the understanding that these actions may result in lawn damage. Lawn repairs are not included in the contract price. Minor damage to small bushes and other landscaping is to be expected when removing trees. ETS will not be held responsible in the unlikely event that such damage occurs.

2. Driveways & Sidewalks: Client consents to having vehicles and equipment driven on driveways and sidewalks. ETS will not be held responsible for repairs in the unlikely event that they become necessary.

3. Property Damage: In the event of property damage, new replacement materials will be used in all repairs. Therefore, these may not match preexisting materials due to the difference in material, age, and exposure. ETS will not be responsible for this difference.

4.Underground Utilities: ETS is not responsible for damages to undisclosed underground utilities such as but not limited to underground sprinklers, drain lines, invisible fences, wells, septic tanks, septic lines, or cables. Client disclosure of such utilities must be in writing.

5. Concealed Contingencies: We reserve the right to cancel this contract and issue a new quote if a concealed or previously unknown contingency is discovered.

6.1 Stump Grinding: If a foreign material is imbedded in or around stump (ie. Concrete or metal) ETS will grind as much as possible and leave the object and surrounding wood, at this point the stump will be considered completed according to contract.

6.2 Surface or subsurface roots will not be ground unless otherwise specified in the quote.

6.3 Stump grinding debris will not be hauled from the premises.

7. Cleanup will be to a reasonable extent. Saw dust, small sticks, and debris may be left on site.

8. Photography: ETS reserves the right to publish photos and videos of work being performed on customers property.

9. Tree Ownership: The client warrants that all trees described in the quote are located on Client's property or that the client has received full written permission from the owner to allow ETS to perform the specified work. Should any tree work specified in the quote be done and ownership of that tree come in to dispute the Client agrees to indemnify ETS for any damages or costs incurred as a result thereof. The Client agrees to accept full

responsibility for any negative outcome and will agree to defend ETS in any lawsuit, violation, or negative consequence as a result of our performing the requested work.

10. Fencing: If it is deemed necessary by ETS, Client consents to having fencing taken down for the duration of the job. ETS will reinstall fencing by the end of the project. Fencing will be returned to as close to original state as reasonably possible. Anything beyond this is not the responsibility of ETS.

11. Coupons: All coupons and promotions must be presented and accepted at the time of estimate. No coupons or other discounts will be accepted after the signing of the contract. No exceptions. Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer.

12. Scheduling: All scheduling is as weather permits. Work may be postponed due to weather and other factors.

Client must give ETS 24 hours notice if they wish to reschedule/change a work appointment or a $350 dispatch fee will be added to the final invoice.

13.1 Terms of Payment: 20% nonrefundable deposit is required at the signing of this contract.

13.2 All remaining balances are due upon completion of work.

13.3 If remaining balance is not received within 7 days of completion of work a $50 late fee will be added to the invoice.

13.4. Invoices that have not been paid after 30 days Will be subject to an additional $50 late fee per day until the final amount is collected.

13.5 Non-payment of this final invoice shall be sent to collections.

13.6 If outside assistance is used to collect for an outstanding balance on the account, Client is responsible for all costs associated with the collection, including reasonable attorney's fees.

13.7 Property damages do not excuse customer from the financial terms of this contract. We will only make repairs and restitutions after the final bill has been paid in full.

14. A fee of $35 will be charged for any checks returned with insufficient funds.

15. We reserve the right to do partial billing if for factors beyond our control we are not able to complete your entire project.

16. No payment by client of an amount less than indicated on the final invoice shall be deemed to be anything other than a payment on the account.

17. Financing: By signing this contract client is rejecting our offer of financing. And has agreed to the payment terms listed above.

18.Work Authorization: By signing you indicate that all prices, specifications, and terms of this proposal are satisfactory, understood, and hereby accepted.

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