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The following are six factors you should consider before hiring any contractor, but especially a tree service. Tree work can be very dangerous and when you hire a tree service you are extending a great amount of trust. You are entrusting your biggest investment, your home and property, as well as the future safety of your family. 


Epperson: Insurance

We are fully insured with both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. We also carry an umbrella policy for further protection for us and for you.


Our agency is Weber insurance reachable at

618-544-3159. Our agents name is Brandon Hoalt.

Any service you hire to work at your home or on your property should have general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.


General liability protects you and your property should an accident occur resulting in damage to your property. Worker’s compensation protects you from being liable or even being sued if a worker from the company gets injured or worse while working on your property. The price on the proposal may be low, but if you end up paying medical bills you will be paying for the work many times over.


With so much on the line we recommend that you always get proof of both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Also, be sure to get that proof straight from the insurance agency to be sure that it is valid and up to date. 


Epperson: Licensing

We have a business license in both Indiana and Illinois. We also are sure to comply with all requirements set by municipalities for local licensing and bonding requirements. 

While many states do not provide specific licensing for tree service providers, your local municipality may require industry specific licensing and or business licensing as well as a surety bond.


If you have any reason to doubt the validity of a company, be sure to verify that all licensing requirements are met. This may be important to protect yourself from possible fines for hiring an unlicensed contractor. 


Epperson: Safety

We strive hard to meet and exceed all safety standards set for our industry.


We have a written safety program, weekly company wide safety meetings, a written job hazard analysis discussed at the safety meeting before each job, and our workers wear all necessary PPE for each task. 

Tree work has its inherent dangers and tree workers should never lose sight of that.


Safety must be a priority for a tree service. Workers should always wear all appropriate personal protective equipment and use safe working practices. Companies should have a written safety policy and hold regular safety meetings. They should also require a job hazard analysis before each job.


When choosing a tree service, ask the company representative about the company’s safety program and look for information about it on their company website or Facebook page. You could even examine the pictures they have chosen to represent their company to verify if personal protective equipment is being worn by their workers. If they can’t answer your questions and they post pictures of themselves working without their safety equipment, their commitment to safety should be called into question. 

Professionalism and Reliability 

Epperson: Professionalism and Reliability 

We WILL answer your call or call you back! We are available 24/7 in case of emergency.


We WILL keep your appointment to get you a quote and we WILL be on time.


We WILL finish the job safely on time and for the quoted price.


We WILL make our customers needs and best interest our own and set them as our priority. 

The tree service industry is a very serious trade and while many companies have the skills needed to get a tree down, they often fall short on professionalism. Every year thousands of homeowners are taken advantage of by unprofessional and unreliable companies. Ask yourself, do they answer the phone when I call with a question or to make an appointment? Do they keep those appointments and are they on time? Are they there just for your money or have they made an attempt to build a professional relationship with you as their client? Those can be key indicators of a company’s professionalism and reliability. You want to be able to trust that they can do what they say they can, and do it when they say they will do it.


It’s always best to hire a job done right the first time. 


Epperson: Equipment

We have the newest cutting edge equipment that is clean and well-maintained. We can safely and efficiently handle any job anywhere.


Click here to see our equipment gallery on the about us page. 

The equipment used for tree work varies widely from climbing gear and ropes to bucket trucks and remote controlled cranes. You should always hire a company that has the necessary equipment to safely handle your project. This equipment should also be regularly inspected and well maintained. A good indicator can be the general appearance of a company’s equipment. If they keep it looking sharp on the outside they probably keep it up to date and well maintained. 


Epperson: Training

Our teams are all made up of experienced and well trained professionals. We continue to invest further in them with on the job (OTJ) and classroom training. They are trained in such things as proper working techniques and electrical hazard awareness, as well as an endless variety of other applicable subjects. 

When you are having a large tree over your home removed you want to have implicit trust that the crew doing the work can handle the job. You need experienced professionals who do this everyday.


One tell tale sign is do they have a plan? Ask the company representative how they intend to do the work. Are they confident and can they convey clearly what they intend to do? Or will they just start cutting and hope for the best? An experienced tree service company always knows what they are doing and why they are doing it that way. 


When you hire Epperson Tree Service the trust is well placed. The job will be done properly and be done by a professional company that meet all of the important criteria so you can rest assured that you have made a good decision and are receiving the best value available in the industry. 

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